Patra Passage

Patra Passage Exhibit

Client: Lynda Lowe & Museum of Glass

Created for artist Lynda Lowe to celebrate the journey of her two-year Patra Passage project. The word patra refers to the name of alms bowls that monks carry in various cultures and translates as the vessel that never goes empty. As an ongoing experiment, artist Lynda Lowe created 108 patra vessels which she ceremoniously “gifted” to temporary recipients, who kept each vessel for a period of time and then passed it on to another recipient of their choosing. The vessels traveled the world during this time and then were returned for an artists showing at the Museum of Glass. The exhibit chronicles and honors the experiences, stories and connections that surfaced through this incredible journey.

Services: Exhibit Strategy, Concept Development, Exhibit Design, Curation, Project Management, Build and Installation Management